“One more light goes out…”

Last night I was sitting in my yard with my brothers and my mom. That’s when my younger brother Pit, told me that Chester Bennington from Linking Park was dead. At first, I didn’t believe him, then I saw that it’s everywhere on the internet. I was shocked.

I don’t like this kind of posts, but I grew up listening to Linkin Park’s songs. They are part of my teenage years. I knew Chester was struggling with his life, and he had a traumatic childhood. You could feel it from their songs. But suicide? That’s what shocked me the most, and triggered me to write this post.Read More »

20 Valuable Conversations that will improve your relationship

“Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation” -Amadeus Wolfe.

Do you ever wonder what to ask your man apart from “How was your day?”. Most guys use one-word answers when it comes to conversation. I get this with John sometimes. It’s like trying to dig the words out of his mouth.Read More »