June Recap

Better late than never, right? June was a tough month, and I got a feeling that July will be tougher. Anyway… now that I look back in June, It troubled me a lot.

For those who don’t know, I’ve been working as an insurance agent since May. I didn’t think it would be this tough at the beginning, but now it consumes all my energy. There are so many confusing situations, from many different customers. And I have to solve them somehow. I’m working every day apart from Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm, and on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays I work also in the afternoons from 6 pm to 9 pm. That is a total of 45 hours per week. But I spend almost 1 hour to get to the office and 1 hour to get back every single time (walking and transportation, but mostly walking)… Not to mention the sleeping hours, cause I really feel exhausted when I get home. As you can see.. my free time is limited.

I can’t say that I’m not grateful for this job because things are tough here in Greece. Having a job like this is kinda dreamy for some but for me, my dream job is to be a full-time Blogger! And right now my plan to achieve this is through my current job. I know that I have to invest in a domain name, and a hosting company, I got these all planned but I only need some cash.

I’ve been unemployed for quite a long time, so when I had my first salary, I had to do some things for myself. I need to find a way to track my expenses though because I keep running out of money! I have something on my mind, and if it’s really worth it, I will share it with you. It’s a cash-envelope system but I need to develop it a bit more.

Now let’s review my June…

YAY! Moments in June

My best friends got married! I take this as a great way to start my summer. I know these guys for about 2 years, and I’m really grateful that I met them. They are so passionate about life, and they overflow with positivity. They taught me that everything is possible, you just have to look at it from another perspective. I was looking forward to their wedding day like crazy! And I have to say that this wedding was the only one that I actually enjoyed. No joke. When I saw them having their first dance, I felt so happy that I was literally crying!

John and Litsa on their Wedding day

I went swimming after a long LONG time!  Last summer, I and John were working non-stop to buy our car, so swimming wasn’t an option. This summer, we decided that we will enjoy it! Because come on! We live in Greece, and our town is right by the sea. There are so many beaches out there to discover. So whenever we get free time, and John’s shifts match with mine (he is working as a barista), we are heading to the beach!

First day at the beach!

I found my nail tech! That’s a total YAY for me. I’m obsessed with my nails, but my hands are never steady (too much coffee!) to paint them on my own, so I was looking for a nail tech like crazy! After trying a few I was never fully satisfied. Others were too expensive, others without experience, others work didn’t last long. That’s when my cousin Maria stepped in and showed me her nails. She passed me her nail’s tech phone to set an appointment, and as soon as I went there I loved her! Sevi really loves her job, she’s a cool person to chat with (we were talking for hours!), she’s crazy like me! (the good way crazy, you know…) and we have the same taste of colors and shapes. I’m so glad I found her!

Sevi is doing an amazing work

My blog hit 1k pageviews! Just wow! Thank you guys for reading what I have to say! I’m so grateful for each and every one of you! You make me want to keep pushing forward to make my dream come true… You’re really amazing you know that?

I got 1k followers on Instagram! I couldn’t believe that in only 3 months I would hit 1k followers. I started a new Instagram account from scratch. I know most bloggers keep their personal account. But I felt that I’m doing a new start with my Blog, so I wanted to start everything from zero. And never in a billion years, I would imagine all this following from people all over the world!

NAY Moments in June

Bye, bye Greek Blog. That actually happened in July, but it was bothering my mind the last weeks of June. I’m a multitasker (if that’s an actual word). I love doing a lot of things at the same time and mostly I’m good at it. Also, I love challenges. That’s why I wanted to have two blogs, a Greek one, and an English one. Thought it would be easy, but in the end, I was only tearing my time in two while I could have all the time for one blog. Anyway, after a lot of thinking, because having two blogs made me so overwhelmed, I decided to stop one of them. And this was the Greek one because my Greek audience was less than the English one. So from now, I will be focusing on improving this Blog and create awesome content to make you guys happy!

A lot of fighting. This month my nerves, or hormones, I don’t really know what’s going on in there, where playing games with me. I was all the time losing my patience. Especially with my family. I guess it’s from all the pressure I get from work, but I need to control it. Though I believe we all have our ups and downs, and hopefully it will pass. But I definitely need to apologize to my brothers cause I’ve been so mean to both of them.

Losing Control. Have you ever felt that life is just passing by, and you sit there and watch? I’m a freak with organizing stuff and having everything done in the right time. I want to make a program and mostly stick to it. I can’t go with the flow. Especially when my time is limited because of work. But most of the people in my life, have a problem with organization, and it really drives me nuts. I’m trying to balance work, blogging and personal life in only 24 hours, but sometimes it doesn’t work. And there I am, standing, watching my perfect program falling apart.

Goals for July

I really hope July will help me relax and enjoy life more. I have to put my thoughts into the right direction because right now I feel so confused and I don’t even know why. Anyway. Let’s set some goals for July and see what I can do to achieve them.

  1. Move to a self-hosted platform. I really need to do this. I’ve been blogging for 3 months already, I know I love it, so it’s time to invest! Even though there are cheap options for hosting (for other countries, for Greece even 50$ is a lot of money), I want to invest in something good and reliable.
  2. Reach 2k page views. That’s an obvious one. I really need to promote my site more.
  3. Keep up with Instagram. Now that my followers have increased I need to provide them valuable content! I recently discovered Hootsuite, and it’s a really cool scheduling program. It’s totally perfect for me that I’m obsessed with organizing stuff.
  4. Buy a laptop! Seriously I keep saying that. I need to put this on my budget so I can finally get it. I totally need it for my blog, cause right now I’m sharing a computer with my brother.
  5. Improve my photography skills. That will be a fun one. I will try from now on to post only my own pictures and not stock ones. Probably I will get better through this.
  6. Try to chill out. I need to work on my mind and thoughts more than ever. I totally need to focus on this one. Because everything starts from our minds!

Alright, that was my June guys and girls. How was your June? And what are your goals for July? Let me know in the comments below!

Apostolia xoxo




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