(MBS) Making Blogging Simple!

Believe it or not, Blogging is the Future! It can start as a hobby and evolve into many many things!

That’s why, when I decided to join the blogging world I did my research. I scrolled through many Pinterest Pins, googled a lot of stuff, wrote down everything I found useful for this journey, and I recently thought, why not to share all these with the world?

The truth is that there are millions of posts on the internet around “blogs” and “blogging”. Others are too large, others too small, others with fewer details, others with more. There’s just too much information!!! In my very first days, it was a headache!

So, why would you have a headache too? Here at Simply, Apostolia we will start a new “Blogging Series”. Something like your favorite TV series, our “Blogging Series” will have new episodes every week and will help you build or improve your own Blog!

Our new series will be called: Making Blogging Simple (MBS). At first, I thought to share my notes with you in one or two posts, but then I saw that there quite a lot of things to talk about and that’s why I decided to cut them into “pieces”. This way it will be more organized, and you will understand that it’s really easy to make your own blog.

If you are curious and you want to know more about Blogging, if you are thinking about starting your own Blog (you should definitely do it! trust me!), If you are already in the Blogging world and you want to make your Blog better, then you will love the Making Blogging Simple! Or MBS in short!

Our new “episodes” will be available to you every Wednesday (Hopefully!).

Stay Tuned!!!

Can’t wait to hear your questions, your ideas and of course your opinion on this new “Blogging Series”! Although I’m sure you will love it!

With much love, Apostolia xx

Μπορείς να βρεις το ίδιο ποστ στα Ελληνικά εδώ!

Making Blogging Simple

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