Update: I Got a Job!

I can’t believe how fast life can change! Just when I thought I had everything under control, new purpose, new goals, an awesome first month of blogging (well at least for me!), that’s when I got a new job offer!


The truth is, I was kinda expecting that. At the beginning of April, I got a call from an insurance agency for a job interview. I didn’t really believe I could make it since I have zero experience with insurances. However, May 3rd, I had a phone call from the insurance agency, and they told me I was accepted for the job. Though insurances are not my thing, I couldn’t say no, because a work like this in Greece is something everyone is dreaming of!

Since I’ve recently joined the blogging world, hoping to be my own boss, I didn’t know what to do. I’ve been able to achieve a lot of things in only half a month (you can see my monthly report here), and I’m really proud of myself, mostly because I found something that really makes me happy. And that’s when the new job strikes! At first, so many thoughts was bothering my mind. Why this happened now? Is this a way of God telling me that “blogging” is not right for me? I was so overwhelmed and stressed.

Instead of losing my mind, I grabbed a coffee, my notebook, a pen and headed to the beach (Benefits of living in Greece! Walking 10 minutes and you’re next to the sea!). All I wanted was to clear my head and organize all these thoughts. Whenever I want to clear my mind, I think of the bible verse of Jeremiah 29:11. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” So I tried to think, what will I get from this job? How it will prosper me at this point of my life?

  1. First of all, I will have some income to invest in my blog and myself. (Considering I was unemployed for quite some time, that’s a big plus)
  2. Increase my Physical Activity. I will have to walk a few miles to get in the office so I will get some strong legs!
  3. Meet new people and be open to new opportunities. Everything comes into our lives for a reason, right? We can either run from it or learn from it! (Wise Rafiki!)
  4. Get more experience. I guess everything you learn is helping you “grow” and you may use it in the future, so I’m open to all the new information!

That’s why I took a quite challenging decision: Blogging while working full-time. I have seen that many times on Pinterest, but never really thought it would happen to me. I imagined it wouldn’t be so hard since many other bloggers do it successfully. But I never thought of something really important, my creativity. It just disappeared! I couldn’t focus at all! No ideas. Nothing. My brain was stuck! So many things in my mind, and especially when I’m still learning about insurances. My mind is exploding with all these new information.

I was pushing myself and trying to squeeze my mind to post something new on my blog, but it just wasn’t working. It was making me more and more overwhelmed. After a lot of thinking, I decided to give myself some time to adjust.

I’m currently working on some ideas, to combine work and blogging. Stress-free ideas, because when I overthink and overanalyze something it makes me so stressed.

Few of them are:

  • Work on my weekly schedule.
  • Work on my daily routine.
  • Set few goals for each week.
  • Count Blogging as “me time”.
  • Re-think of my monthly goals
  • Write down all my ideas. (I guess my notebook will be my new best friend)
  • Set some hours per week on my blog. (I was thinking about day and not week, but it’s kinda hard with that work)

I will really try to keep you guys updated, and grow my blog while working full-time. I want to keep blogging with all my heart! It makes me feel so positive, so creative and I hope that one day I will make it my full-time job!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this guys and girls. And if you think you have any piece of advice that you could share with me, I just can’t wait to read it!

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Love, Apostolia xx


19 thoughts on “Update: I Got a Job!

  1. First off …congratulations on your new job…i hope you really love it.
    You could as a blog posts share lessons you learn there ,a day in the office, but above all follow your heart and not your head 😄
    Have a great day

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  2. Congrats! I am so happy for you! I think it’s great that you got a job but I think you should do blogging as a part time or even just a hobby! Those goals you set for your part time part job are great so keep them in mind! Keep up the blogging and work hard in your job! Enjoy Greece!

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  3. I so feel you! When I said I’m done working for corporations and so on, I got a really cool job offer. I was really determined to focus on being my own boss and everything, when that offer came in. I accepted it and I’m not sorry for doing so. Congrats on your new job, hope you’ll love it!

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  4. Congrats! I have been considering returning to work as well but not really sure yet. I will be following your journey! #bloggingboost

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  5. This post really speaks to me! I’m a full time +++ teacher, and it is such a struggle balancing everything in my life! It’s awesome to have that money you can invest, but it’s definitely stressful. I’m with you though; I need to work on scheduling and daily routines! Thoughtful post!

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