Who’s Apostolia?

Hello, world!

So… my very first blog post… After a lot of thinking about what this first post would be, I decided an introduction is needed!!!

My name is Apostolia.
A little weird looking I know, but it’s actually a Biblical name. It’s referring to the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. I was named after my grandmother and it’s not a really common name.

I’m from Greece!
Wow.. Greece.. Everyone right now thinks of debt… Well, debt is a fact but you really need to hear what life is like in our part of the world.

I’m almost 22 years old.
I was born back in 1995 in a small town called Volos. I grew up there until the age of 15. Then we moved to another small town called Chalkida and this is where I live until now.

I’m currentlyΒ unemployed.
I have been working in several cafes, as a waitress. But here in Greece finding a job that lasts, is kinda hard. I’m also studying computing. Multimedia and Web Design to be more precise.

I have a loving boyfriend, John.
We’re together since February 1, 2015. He’s the greatest gift I could ever ask for and I thank God every single day for him. He gives me strength and courage in a way I can not understand, and he always supports me in everything I do.

I’m an explorer.
Even though my only trip abroad was to Cyprus, I want to go in so many places. I love exploring my city and road trips. When I and John have time we always go to explore some new place we’ve never been to.

I love the good food.
I totally love to eat. Trying new flavors and yummy foods is totally my thing. I’ve learned to cook from my grandma (well.. still learning), but I also try to make my own things.

My life Perspective!
I love to make things simple and easy. That’s my thing! You can even sometimes say that I’m a lazy person. (Not in a bad way) I call myself Β “lazy” cause I remember something that Bill Gates said and it actually stuck in my mind… “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because he will findΒ an easy way to do it”.
I read it again and again and then I thought of something… Let’s just say that the difficult job is living. And that’s actually true…There are so many struggles in our everyday lives. School, college, being a mom, working and taking care of a family or trying to find a job… So why not to be LAZY? Why not finding easy ways to live? Since then I try to approach everything with simplicity, with a clear mind and much love… And I encourage you all to do the same! Life is not a race, Life is a gift! Enjoy it! Don’t rush through it…

So that’s a little bit about me!

You can Follow my blog with Bloglovin here and you can follow my Instagram account for more “stalking”…

Now, tell me some things about you!

7 thoughts on “Who’s Apostolia?

  1. intrepid8 says:

    Well, you’re the first person Ive met named Apostolia. You’ve been to Cyprus? What’s that like? I’ll be sure to consult you when I start writing my upcoming article on traveling to Greece!

    Liked by 1 person

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